EVENT DATE: August 7, 2021

Such a day it was.

Forecast was better than expected. Gaming was great. Many laughs, lots of action.

Many thanks to the following;

Stu who is admin for North & South Airsoft Community https://discord.gg/RBHGPHg. Organising and giving players a fantasic days entertainment.

The day raised money for the Air Ambulance, #airambulancenorthernireland. Very worthy cause.

Mrs Stu (His real boss)

Mammy Stu (His other boss)

Between these 2 ladies the admin and sign in went smooth.

Roadside Catch – The chippy van that kept you all fed. Based at Seaforde along with many other static and mobile sites.

Predator Airsoft Staff – Who ensured your day went smooth and kept you right. They do their utmost to give you a great skirmish experience.

The players stuck it out! A LONG day, hard fought and safe to say there will be seme sore legs.

We hope you enjoyed your time with us, we look forward to seeing you alll soon.

Team Predator