Airsoft games available in Ballynahinch

Predator Airsoft was established in 2004 and we are one of the most experienced Airsoft site operators across Ballynahinch. Call us for more details today.

Providing you top-class Airsoft experience. Airsoft is for 12yrs and older in Northern Ireland.

AIRSOFT in Northern Ireland is minimum 12yrs and up! 

At Predator Combat Games, we have been running Airsoft events for 17 years and all our staff are highly experienced Airsoft enthusiasts. Our focus is to provide aspiring players with a challenging and rewarding Airsoft experience. If you are someone who enjoys playing action and fun! that is also thrilling and exciting! then…

Interesting group activity

  • Our Airsoft games for 12 years old and above.
  • Our team give detailed instructions.
  • Demonstrates various techniques involved in playing airsoft.
  • All precautionary measures are made for your safety.
  • Call us to find out more about our Airsoft games.
  • For younger warriors, we have NERF WARS!

Safety measures we undertake include:

  • Full Face Protection for each rental player
  • Uniforms to keep you covered and protected (UNDER COVID-19 this is NOT AVAILABLE at present)

We’re fully insured and we always have experienced and qualified staff in first-aid for your protection.

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